Medi-Test is an occupational health clinic specializing in work loss prevention programs, striving to decrease the prevalence of drugs in the workplace.

70% Of Drug Users Are Employed

As part of the response to the fight against substance abuse in the workplace, Medi-Test has established a complete compliance program system with proven results. Medi-Test compliance program system was developed to provide the proper drug free workplace program in the business community. Medi-Test organized its programs and services with professional experts in the fields of toxicology, medical and employer health/safety services.


“Because of drugs, workers are losing their jobs and self-respect, and America’s productivity is suffering. By ridding the workplace of drugs, we can restore our pride and health, individually and nationally.”

- U.S. Department of Labor

“The human cost to society and the social, economic and legal costs to business have created a new awareness of the multifaceted problems resulting from drug and alcohol abuse, and there is consensus among government and business, that action must be taken to lessen these costs.”

- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

An estimated bottom line analysis can help determine the costs associated with substance abuse in the workplace. Can your company afford this waste or loss to the bottom line?