Implementing A Drug Free Workplace Program
Made Easy By Medi-Test

Medi-Test is an occupational health clinic specializing in work loss prevention programs, striving to decrease the prevalence of drugs in the workplace, through Drug Free Workplace programs and DOT mandated testing.

As part of the response to the fight against substance abuse in the workplace, Medi-Test has established a complete compliance program system with proven results.

Medi-Test compliance program system was developed to provide the proper drug free workplace program in the business community. Medi-Test organized its programs and services with professional experts in the fields of toxicology, medical and employer health/safety services.

Medi-Test has designed, developed and up-dated its programs to meet all governmental laws and regulations in the workplace. Medi-Test provides a complete program for adopting a drug free workplace policy with compliance under state and federal rule.

Medi-Test provides the employer with a complete program and "Defense Mechanism" against substance abuse in the workplace. Each program contains the following elements:

  • Selection of a Rule or Non-Rule Program:
    • [ ] State or Federal Rule - State Workers' Compensation - Department of Transportation (DOT), United States Coast Guard (USGC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    • [ ] Combining State and Federal Rule - State Workers' Compensation and Department of Transportation (DOT)
    • [ ] Non-Rule Program - Basic Drug Free Workplace Program
  • A written and bound drug free workplace policy prepared in the name of the employer.
  • An easy to follow program procedures manual.
  • An application for the initial 5% premium discount under Workers' Compensation.
  • A Letter of Certification and Annual Recertification to advise the employer maintains rule compliance and that program qualifies for the Workers' Compensation premium discount.
  • Attendance logs to verify each training session.
  • Quest Diagnostics, a SAMHSA/CAP/HRS certified lab to perform drug and alcohol testing.
  • Terrence Delikat, D.O. the certified MRO - Medical Review Officer. The MRO reviews the lab results and reports the results to the employer.
  • Establishing an EAP - Employee Assistance Program. The EAP program provides assessment, counseling and rehabilitation to employees. The EAP is selected from the list of Medi-Test approved providers.