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    As part of the response to the fight against substance abuse in the workplace, Medi-Test has established a complete compliance program system with proven results.

    Medi-Test compliance program system was developed to provide the proper drug free workplace program in the business community. Medi-Test organized its programs and services with professional experts in the fields of toxicology, medical and employer health/safety services.

    Medi-Test has designed, developed and up-dated its programs to meet all governmental laws and regulations in the workplace. Medi-Test provides a complete program for adopting a drug free workplace policy with compliance under state and federal rule.

Implementing A Drug Free Workplace Program Made Easy By Medi-Test

    Medi-Test provides the employer with a complete program and "Defense Mechanism" against substance abuse in the workplace. Each program contains the following elements:
  • Selection of a Rule or Non-Rule Program:
    • [ ] State or Federal Rule - State Workers' Compensation - Department of Transportation (DOT), United States Coast Guard (USGC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    • [ ] Combining State and Federal Rule - State Workers' Compensation and Department of Transportation (DOT)
    • [ ] Non-Rule Program - Basic Drug Free Workplace Program
  • A written and bound drug free workplace policy prepared in the name of the employer.
  • An easy to follow program procedures manual.
  • An open letter to the employees, Drug Free Workplace poster and window sticker.
  • An application for the initial 5% premium discount under Workers' Compensation.
  • A Letter of Certification and Annual Recertification to advise the employer maintains rule compliance and that program qualifies for the Workers' Compensation premium discount.
  • Videotape training programs are available for management, supervisors and employees.
  • Attendance logs to verify each training session.
  • LabOne, a SAMHSA/CAP/HRS certified lab to perform drug and alcohol testing.
  • Terrence Delikat, D.O. the certified MRO - Medical Review Officer. The MRO reviews the lab results and reports the results to the employer.
  • Selecting a collection site to draw each specimen. Collection sites are selected from the list of Medi-Test approved collectors. Specimen collection prices vary and are subject to increases.
  • Establishing an EAP - Employee Assistance Program. The EAP program provides assessment, counseling and rehabilitation to employees. The EAP is selected from the list of Medi-Test approved providers.

Can your company afford this waste or loss to the bottom line?
Don't become the employer of last resort for the substance abuser!
Implement a loss control program to create and maintain drug free workplace.

    “Because of drugs, workers are losing their jobs and self-respect, and America’s productivity is suffering. By ridding the workplace of drugs, we can restore our pride and health, individually and nationally.” - U.S. Department of Labor

    “The human cost to society and the social, economic and legal costs to business have created a new awareness of the multifaceted problems resulting from drug and alcohol abuse, and there is consensus among government and business, that action must be taken to lessen these costs.” - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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