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Mobile Audiometric Testing Services
Hearing Conservation Program

Audiometric testing is an evaluation of an employee's ability to hear. It is required by the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure standard, 1910.95 for all employees who work in an environment where their average noise exposure is greater than 85 dBA.

An employee must be tested within 6 months of their first exposure at or above the action level (85db); audiograms are given annually thereafter and compared to the employee's baseline to determine if hearing loss has occurred.

MEDI-TEST Mobile Audiometric Services can work directly with your staff to develop your facility’s hearing conservation program.

Medi-Test Mobile Audiometric Services offers the following services:

Noise Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Determining which employees need to be included in a hearing conservation program
  • Determining whether hearing protection devices must be used or be available on an optional basis
  • Determining which hearing protection devices are appropriate for different noise levels at the facility

Audiometric (Hearing) Testing
All employees in a hearing conservation program must have baseline and annual audiometric tests. Baseline audiometric testing helps the employer to determine the presence or absence of pre-existing hearing loss and may assist the employer in determining placement for the employee. Annual audiometric testing assesses the effectiveness of the hearing conservation program. Each annual audiometric test is compared with the employee’s baseline test to determine if there has been any deterioration in the employee’s hearing. Every test includes a complete otoscopic examination.

Hearing Protection
Hearing protection devices should be made available to all employees. Mandatory versus optional use is determined by noise exposure monitoring. Hearing protection devices must be worn by employees whose eight-hour time weighted average is 85dBA.

Sound measurement results and duplicate copies of audiometric test records will be maintained in our files in the event that your copies are ever lost or destroyed. Medi-Test always provides Federally mandated documentation.

Immediate Employee Notification
Upon completion of testing, your employees will receive a printed report of their tests and an explanation of the results based upon occupational safety and health standards. The technician briefly reviews the results of the test with the employee. At that point the testing process is complete and the next group is started. If the testing shows that the employee has an unusual result or has sustained a standard threshold shift, the licensed Medi-Test Medical Professional will review the test and follow-up with the employee.

We schedule on-site testing to accommodate your unique situation. We have dedicated staffing to provide you with the flexibility to reduce loss of productivity. Please call 1-800-303-7484 for more information.