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This table summarizes the FMCSA/DOT regulations pertaining to CDL and commercial vehicle safety. While it is not all-inclusive it acts as a reminder for the freight motor carrier to be sure of essential compliance. This table should not be relied on as a sole source of information on complying with the law. Federal Annotated Code is cited for each summary regulation for reference.

The 16 “essential” DOT regulations

  1. §382.115: Failing to have an alcohol and/or drug testing program.

  2. §382.201: Using a driver known to have an alcohol content of 0.04 or greater.

  3. §382.211: Using a driver who has refused to submit to an alcohol or drug test.

  4. §382.215: Using a driver known to have tested positive for drugs.

  5. §382.305: Failing to implement a random drug and/or alcohol testing program.

  6. §383.3(a)/383.23(a): Knowingly using a driver who does not have a valid CDL.

  7. §383.37(a): Knowingly allowing an employee to drive with a suspended, revoked, or canceled CDL, or while disqualified.

  8. §383.51(a): Knowingly allowing a disqualified driver to drive.

  9. §387.7(a): Operating motor vehicles without having the required financial responsibility coverage.

  10. §387.7(a): Operating a passenger-carrying vehicle without required financial responsibility coverage.

  11. §391.15(a): Knowingly using a disqualified driver.

  12. §391.11(b)(4): Knowingly using a physically unqualified driver.

  13. §395.8(a): Failing to require drivers to create records of duty status.

  14. §396.9(c)(2): Allowing out-of-service vehicles to be operated prior to repair.

  15. §396.11(c): Failing to correct out-of-service defects listed on post-trip inspection reports before the vehicles are operated again.

  16. §396.17(a): Using commercial motor vehicles that were not periodically inspected.

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